The multinational network has facilitated international exports. Accordingly, there is a desperate need to establish an appropriate infrastructure, and we wish to approach the market with our diverse characteristics. Also, we hope to emerge as a leading company in expanding the multinational sales network by receiving offers from China, Russia, North America and South America.
Use of high-quality rubber
Perfect wiping ability
Resolve customer complaints by minimizing noise and vibration
Wipers with an all-in-one structure that can be used all seasons and do not freeze in winter
Brake Pad
A brake pad with outstanding braking performance
A brake pad that guarantees safe operation thanks to its excellent durability
A brake pad that doesnĄ¯t cause noise with minimization of disc attack
A brake pad that creates only a small amount of dust
Made in Korea
Filter for Air Conditioner
Dust removal, deodorization, sterilization
Usage of the patented new material, TCC
Additional function of internal air purification
Efficient removal of highly harmful gases
Made in Korea
  - Tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs and flour for frying, etc.
- Export of all types of miscellaneous goods produced domestically
We are involved in all types of work related to import-export trade. We acquire products for import and export and are in charge of follow-up management services. Also, we also operate international shipment (forwarding) services to reduce logistics costs and are equipped with international competitiveness. Meet Trading & Business Co., Ltd that has laid a foothold to enter the foreign markets in China, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the U.S. and is equipped with the world-class professionals as well as knowledge and expertise in sales that are at an international level. We have established international dealer companies distributing car parts (tires, batteries, accessories) for Korean cars.