We provide services to Russia and Central Asia (CIS nations) through a system of trans-continental railways at a stable and competitive price.
  Based on our economical logistics rates and specialized services, we transport our customersĄ¯ important cargos in a fast and precise manner from the moment they are received to the moment they arrive at their final destinations regardless of the region and cargo type.
Based on our specialized system established with our experiences, knowledge and expertise, our customersĄ¯ cargos are under strict management by our branch offices and partners located all over the world. We provide total services and the process from shipment to delivery is systematic.
Consolidation Service (LCL CONSOLIDATION)
Project and Bulk Cargo (PROJECT CARGO / BULK CARGO)
Overweight / Long length Cargo (OVER WEIGHT CARGO/ LONG LENGTH CARGO)
Dangerous Cargo (DANGEROUS CARGO)
Performance items cargo / Exhibition cargo (PUBLIC PERFORMANCE CARGO / EXHIBITION CARGO)
Chartering/Brokering Services (CHARTERING / BROKERING)
Inland Transport Services (INLAND TRUCKING)
¨į Transport of raw materials and auxiliary materials among 3 countries
¨č Transport of finished product
¨é Management of HUB PORT
¨ę Work related to certifying origin of materials and customs clearance
¨ë Checking situations and schedules of overseas factories
¨ė Shipment and T/S Schedule Notifications
The top-notch logistics experts of Trading & Business Co., Ltd design the optimal SCM for our customers and work to establish the best logistics services and system.
[Business Areas]
[Main Services]
Management of Orders This is a service provided to improve the efficiency of the high-tech shipping and delivery vehicles through the transport and delivery management system, TMS.
Distribution Processing This is a service where we pick and pack the various goods on behalf of our customers prior to shipment.
Storage Management This is an inventory management system using the advanced warehouse management solution, WMS, which is tailored to the products of our customers.
Integrated Logistics Management This is a service that provides the most ideal logistics management system that is tailored to the various needs and wants of our customers.
[Structure Diagram]
Upon shipment, the transport progress is notified to our partner. When requested by our customer, the Proof of Delivery is sent.
We at Trading & Business Co., Ltd, provide the best consulting services based on the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over the years. We offer Strategy/BPR Consulting, Operation Consulting and IT-related Consulting Services.
[Strategy / BPR Consulting]
¨į Business management strategies and BPR consulting
¨č Establish strategies for new business projects of logistics companies (3PL, subsidiary companies)
¨é Establish strategies for logistics hub
¨ę Establish SCM strategies for small and medium businesses of middle standing
[IT-related Consulting]
¨į This is a business consulting service that identifies the business status and diagnoses problems of companies (current company situation, business status, each work process, strategic system, etc.) in order to determine and apply the most suitable IT technology for the company and enhance the efficiency of the work carried out at the company
¨č Through IT technology implementation, the most optimal IT technology for the company that will allow them to conduct their business most efficiently is determined upon identification of the business problems of the company.
¨é A stable, easy-to-use system is developed for the company to use the IT technology efficient and a consulting service is provided to help the company apply it in their business