The world is facing the challenges of tremendous changes put forth by the progression of the globalization era of the 21 century.
Competition in the global stage has become fiercer with the breakthroughs in science and technology and the movement into an information-based society, and even the international trade and logistics sectors cannot avoid these challenges and competitions.

We at Trading & Business Co., Ltd have begun establishing an international import-export market network based on our expertise and experience in the import-export trade sector in order to gain competitiveness in international trade. We are a company that promotes mutual profit for our customers and have created balanced profit by providing international import-trade and logistics services simultaneously. We are committed to making contributions to the international trade culture in new and innovative ways.

With the determination to grow together with our customers, we at Trading & Business Co., Ltd will be devoted to expanding our business areas through mutual cooperation with a sense of responsibility and customer confidence.

I would like to express my deep gratitude for all your support and ask for your continued interest in our company.

Trading & Business Co., Ltd